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Fri Jun 09 01:29:24 UTC 2017

My ThinkPad X230 Tablet

I have many different machines. Each one has it's own reasons for existing.

This post if about my ThinkPad X230 Tablet.


I run FreeBSD 11-RELEASE on it. Named the device "brick".

In place of the usual Lenovo BIOS, I flashed coreboot. The Intel Management Engine is dead now as well.

Because I wanted to use the classic X220 keyboard, I had to flash the EC as well.

I ues my shared dotfiles on this machine as well. Herbstluft is a lovely WM.

Since there aren't that many pixels to play with, I use a tiny font, miniwi, which is made by a great guy as well.

The terminal emulator is URxvt, which I use in daemon mode.


It's the i7 model with 12GB RAM. I believe it has an IPS screen as well.

I did a couple hardware modifications:

Quick Notes

Flash the EC before you flash coreboot. It can be done without a programmer and is quite easy.

To flash coreboot and/or kill the ME, you have to flash SPI chips. My recommendation is to...

If you did all those things, you should have a big chance to have a functioning coreboot flash. I am not responsible if you brick your thinkpad, set your house on fire or get VAC banned on steam.

Good luck!

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