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Fri Dec 23 18:50:26 UTC 2016

Pre-33C3 Adventures

tl;dr murphy was right and life sucks.

What went wrong?

Absolutely everything.

Haxxor laptop died.

Since I have no laptop since the MRMCD2016, because someone accidentally spilled coke on it and my new one isn't due to be shipped until after 33C3, I decided to pick up an rather old, used laptop.

Well, it is a ThinkPad X230 Tablet. I installed Gentoo on it, etc...

However, it is also supported by coreboot. So naturally, I had to flash it. As it turns out, the bios was behaving weird. Just more reason to do so.

It died. Obviously. The replacement chip seems to be DOA. Great. Now, on the 23rd december, the second one I bought at the same time as the first one, didn't arrive. So, no working bios chip. So no laptop. Great.

Huawei Modem

So, these new cellular modems from Huawei have this stuff called Hilink. It is basically an utterly insecure router inside your internet stick. For a single device.

I do not like it. At all.

So I flashed a stick mode firmware on it. Easy peasy.

However, this firmware didn't seem to support AT^NDISUP and NCM so I would be stuck with PPP. Not good if this stick is for LTE with two external LTE antennas.

So I flashed another FW, nothing unusual. However, setting the USB composition errored. Always. So I flashed a new firmware. Again. Which failed. Resulting in the stick blinking in red.

Now, there is the "Needle method" for making the stick go in recovery mode, where they can be flashed with balong_flash.

Basically, short some pin and ground, there you go. Oh, you have to open the case for that.

Once that is done and you made balong_flash load the recovery loader, another serial port should appear. A fastboot serial port. On win10, it results in an unknown device with code 43.

Oh, did I mention that the firmware can only really be flashed on windows? My only windows device runs Windows 10 and my mom's laptop does too.

No time for any fixes or installations of an older windows.

Who needs internet anyways?


Oh, oh boy. My friends and I had plans to bring my server gear to the 33C3 for the yolocolo.

That requires a car/van. Originally, our fourth member would provide it. But he didn't get a ticket.

No transport, no toys.

Since none of us can either drive or are allowed to legally drive (me), that's bad.

We bought shitty bus tickets instead. Did I mention that I do not like buses? I don't.

End note

My plans went kaputt.


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